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Better Me, Inc.'s TXNL

Improving communities, businesses and lifestyles one solution at a time.

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About TXNL
The place to find the solutions and answers you need to improve your community, business and lifestyle.

TXNL (The XStream Network Live) is the membership of Better Me, Inc. TXNL is the people, the places, and arsenal of resources that help drive Better Me, Inc. The mission is to help you with your business and lifestyle so that you can better serve your community.
We help you find solutions. No matter what the question is we have the resources and experience to help. The board members are made up Educators, Bankers, Managers, Designers, Counselors, Lawyers, Operations and Marketing Experts all working together to design the most effective and efficient solutions to help with the performance and productivity of the small business owner.

SBA Certified Female Veteran Owned & Managed!
Company history
The Consultants of Better Me, Inc. have worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations. We have combined resources and experience that allow us to develop proven systems that help clients succeed in the areas of strategy, leadership, problem resolution, hospitality, sales and finance, to name a few.
After years of selling and strategizing for major banking, hospitality, nonprofit, and retail organizations; Better Me, Inc. was founded by Andrea Raquel, The Social Entrepreneur and Sugar Free Coach. With a heart for the community and professional members who drive the vision; Better Me, Inc. continues to grow under the leadership of Andrea Raquel, The Social Entrepreneur. We have built a team of social entrepreneurs who are success driven and compassionate. Our goal is to help the small business better serve their customers and their communities.
Many large companies appear to their customers and employees to overlook the importance of ethics, retention and service. We help build habits that are most effective when used as a foundation in the beginining stages of business planning and continued throughout the progression of the organization.
Customer testimonials
Professionals recommend Sugar Free Coaching


  • straight path to the issues that matter most, and removing the road blocks that keep us from realizing (our) goals.


  • Insightful, direct, supportive and always focused on growing "you", after all, you are your brand!
  • a gifted speaker with a powerful voice, and a true heart about all she pursues.


  • straight forward, and she doesn't "candy coat"; hence the "sugar free".


  • Both positive and at the same time direct,


  •  with tactics like these, I'm sure they'll get ahead of the competition. HTLA

  • keen sense of optimizing your social network as well as your personal life; thus this will lead to your professional success!


  • up and coming entreprenur worth watching.